Jared Sandler Q&A: Will Josh Jung Move Positions, Travis Frederick's Retirement & More

By 105.3 The Fan
@VRossGreen: Are Jung and Wendzel going to stay at 3B in the minors or move to 1B?

It’s too early to know for sure but the plan for Jung is keeping him at third.  The Rangers already have a number of intriguing first base prospects and no one is really in the way at third for Jung. The question is more geared towards Wendzel. If not third, is he a better fit at second or short? I think that’s an important question the Rangers will try and answer.


Will Chambers(when I joined Will and Kevin Gray on 105.3 The Fan): What is a sports rule you’d like to change?

There are plenty, but the thing that always bothers me is when a rule in the college game and its pro counterpart is different for no real reason. Let’s move the college three-point line back even more so that it is equal to the NBA three. And while we’re at it, how about knocking the shot clock down to 24 seconds, too. On the gridiron, why do we stop the clock for the chains to reset after first downs in college? They don’t do it in the NFL, nor should they do it in college. Those sorts of things get me…


@Phylli2398: What sort of an impact will Travis Frederick’s retirement have?

Pretty significant. This is an O-line that thrived on his leadership in the middle and ability to understand defensive fronts and opposing defenses. The year he missed, the Cowboys gave up about 25 more sacks than they did on average in years he was healthy. Tyron isn’t as dominant as he used to be, either, so a lot of responsibility heading Joe Looney’s way.


@Fun88eng: First stadium, Last stadium, Best stadium, Worst stadium for college football. 

First: Cotton Bowl

Last: Camp Randall

Best: Notre Dame Stadium or Ohio Stadium

Worst: Reser Stadium (bad memories when USC lost there)


Jackie H (Facebook): Should Rick Bowness return as the Stars Head Coach? 

I don’t think so. He inherited an interesting situation, to say the least, and I guess we’ll see how the season turns out but I think there are too many better options out there. Gerard Gallant is the one that stands out the most to me. 


Samuel R. (Facebook): Does the suspension in sports help one local team more than another?

That’s an interesting question. With the Stars reeling, I guess it can’t hurt. Not sure how this will impact Porzingis. I think, ultimately, though it helps the Rangers the most if the MLB season is abbreviated. The fewer games, the more it neutralizes things and will give the Rangers an enhanced opportunity. 


Aaron M. (Facebook): What was your favorite slam dunk competition?

The 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest won by Vince Carter is easily the most memorable for me. Not only were the dunks Vince pulled off mind blowing, they were original, creative, and it didn’t take him seven tries to do it.