McCarthy and Moore: 'We We See The Game The Same Way,' Says Cowboys OC

By 105.3 The Fan

FRISCO (105.3 The Fan) - Kellen Moore is not interested in putting labels on much of anything, including a clear definition of what the Dallas Cowboys' offense "is,'' exactly, for the coming NFL season.

“We’re a 2020 Dallas Cowboys offense,” Moore said during a Monday visit here inside The Star in Frisco. “It’s molded and put together in so many ways. You learn from everyone you’re around ... Take advantage of all the difference coaches who are on staff and take advantage of that.

"I don’t know what the title is, but it’s our new offense.”

We do know what Moore's title is; at 31, he is the offensive coordinator, as he was last season under the previous regime of ousted head coach Jason Garrett. New coach Mike McCarthy told us two weeks ago that Moore would be the coordinator and that he would also keep his job as the play-caller ... Though as we noted at the time, it'll be Kellen calling McCarthy's plays, as for 13 years in Green Bay the head coach was very hands-on with his offense.

"It's been awesome, awesome to go through this process,'' Moore said. "Watching from afar everything that's gone on in Green Bay (under McCarthy and staff), obviously they had a ton of success. It's a great process for us to go through now, kind of molding this thing the way we want to mold it.''

We asked Moore about the installation of a new playbook, and then the work on the game plan, and then the play-calling itself. He made it clear that it's already become a collaborative effort and that it will continue to be.

"It's a work in progress,'' Moore told us, also expressing happiness that he was retained. "We've barely touched the surface. We're in January still. We're starting to recognize some things. ... Let's build this thing into the 2020 offense.''

The language, McCarthy says, will remain in place. So the starting point, in part, is building on last year. But there is already a McCarthy/Moore connection.

"We'll start there and see where it takes us,'' Moore said. "That's the fun part. (McCarthy and I) kind of see the game a lot the same way.'