Only One Rangers Trade Would Surprise Me

By 105.3 The Fan
DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - We’re nearing the trade deadline and the names are flying around for who will be traded, who deserves to lose their job (looking at you Rougned Odor) and who needs to stick around.

For me, Jon Daniels knows the value of a player very well, even if he’s had a couple of miscalculations while chasing that World Series dream.

The report from Jon Morosi that Mike Minor is “increasingly likely” to be traded, however, signifies two possible things.

A) They are applying pressure to quickly get in gear on the back half of the All-Star break

B) It’s already been decided that this thing isn’t a contender, thus parts need to be sold for the future.

I, as a Rangers fan who loves meaningful September baseball, hope that it’s just a warning shot to the players and that they all take it seriously.

This seems like a clubhouse that enjoys playing together and they’ve had a few magical moments, if leadership can rally the fellas they might be able to string together a run that would stave off any Minor moves the front office might have. See what I did there?

That being said, only one trade would surprise me, that’s Joey Gallo. Actually, a Gallo trade would rock my Rangers brain. It would have to be a king’s ransom.

Daniels has proven that he can find meaningful complementary veterans in free agency, but we haven’t quite seen Super Star talent rise from the farm system.

Gallo appears to be heading that direction.

*At the top of the post is a build around piece and a piece that K&C recently discussed in this video as the only remaining Core 4 piece in place.

Every other player on the Rangers roster right now could be plucked and this team could roll out future players for the rest of the season, and I wouldn’t flinch.

As much as I love Elvis Andrus, how much longer can he play at this level for a team that is not competing at the highest level?

Shin Soo Choo’s contract is still a big deal to many, but an AL team could find value in him.

You know what I feel about Nomar Mazara being a Mitch Moreland starter kit, and the list goes on and on.

If any name on this roster moves, I’ll think it was a smart trade and cheer the future.

If Gallo goes, I’ll have a hard time not picking up a bottle of very strong whiskey and staring into the sky for a few nights.