Fan Predictions: The Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose, Against The Bears If

By 105.3 The Fan

The Fan hosts give thier pregame predictions as the Dallas Cowboys take on the Chicago Bears. 


Cory Mageors
The Cowboys Will Win If: They can finish drives. This team needs to run the two minute drill constantly to get into or stay in rhythm, and maybe that will lock them in a little more. But they have to finish drives, plain and simple. I’d move forward as if I had no kicker as an option.
The Cowboys Will Lose If: The defense let’s Cohen get loose and let’s the Bears hang around. This is an offense that has sputtered all season, but if you give them a chance they can take advantage.
Notes: Cowboys 24-13


Kevin Hageland
The Cowboys Will Win If: They don't turn the ball over, don't face a negative special teams outcome and Dak gets those legs moving.
The Cowboys Will Lose If: Field goals reign supreme and poor tackling allows the Bears to run wild.
Notes: Cowboys win, 20-11 (Not a typo, watch for that Chicago 2-point conversion)


Ari Temkin
The Cowboys Will Win If: The defense doesn't get gashed by a pedestrian Bears offense.
The Cowboys Will Lose If: They turn the ball over! Bears can't score, unless their defense is scoring for them.
Notes: Cowboys 19-13


Zach Wolchuck
The Cowboys Will Win If: The defense forces a turnover for the 1st time in 100 years against a QB you should beat. Offense takes advantage & actually has red zone success.
The Cowboys Will Lose If: The bears defense causes Dak & company to struggle again and the Bears scorea special teams TD.
Notes: Bears 19-17


Jared Sandler
The Cowboys Will Win If: Luka drops another 40-point trip-dub. bad...the Cowboys win if they don't allow a bad QB in Mitch Trubisky to use his one valuable asset--his wheels--to create big plays.
The Cowboys Will Lose If: The Cowboys give the Bears short fields due to turnovers and dumb penalties.
Notes: Cowboys 23-10


Sterling Daniels
The Cowboys Will Win If: They don't get behind the sticks early and allow Chicago's pass rush to get going. Must score early to force Mitch to play tackles. Oh and FINISH TACKLES!
The Cowboys Will Lose If: Allow the pass rush to get to Dak consistently. Turn the ball over and allow big special team plays. Let this game back a defensive struggle.
Notes: Cowboys 20- Bears 16


Chris Arnold
The Cowboys Will Win If: If they generate a turnover and score early.
The Cowboys Will Lose If: They get sloppy and lose the turnover battle.
Notes: Cowboys 17-13


Mike Bacsik
The Cowboys Will Win If: I guess if they try hard but they won't
The Cowboys Will Lose If: The Bears play football
Notes: Bears 100-0


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