Fan Predictions: The Cowboys Will Win, Or Lose, Against The Rams If

By 105.3 The Fan

The Fan hosts give their pregame predictions as the Dallas Cowboys take on the Los Angeles Rams. 


Cory Mageors

The Cowboys Will Win If: They tackle. Getting off the field defensively has been impossible. Their offense can do some things, but not if the defense can't help.

The Cowboys Will Lose If: The offense does not take advantage of each drive. Field goals are points and obviously you want TD's but if given a chance to put points on the board, you have to deliver.

Notes: Rams 28-24


Kevin Hageland

The Cowboys Will Win If: They play a turnover- and special teams-mistake free game, which should allow control of the clock

The Cowboys Will Lose If: The Goff ascension continues and the Rams reboot their Division Round running game

Notes: Rams win, 31-16


Ari Temkin

The Cowboys Will Win If: Jason Garrett has to adjust to Wade Phillips.... ha ha ha ha ha

The Cowboys Will Lose If: they settle for field goals

Notes: 30-24 Rams


Zach Wolchuck

The Cowboys Will Win If: The offense finally puts together 4 quarters of good football. Not sure this defense can be fixed but they have to limit the missed tackles & slow down the Rams runnng game. Still not sure Goff can beat you if the game falls on his shoulders

The Cowboys Will Lose If: They continue to miss tackles, struggle on special team, & have one good drive of offense. The Rams are just a better football team

Notes: Rams 34-20


Jared Sandler

The Cowboys Will Win If: Make Goff uncomfortable. He is just like most good but not great QBs...when he has time, he can make the throws. But he doesn't have the athleticism or composure to handle pressure, especially unpredictably so.

The Cowboys Will Lose If: They don't rev up the offense and look like the first-half-the-season team that was moving the ball up and down the field at will

Notes: Rams 31-26


Chris Arnold

The Cowboys Will Win If: Garrett & Marinelli throw out the cookie cutter scripts & shock the world by doing the unexpected.

The Cowboys Will Lose If: The players are unconcerned if they win or lose. they're still in 1st in the east.


Mike Bacsik

The Cowboys Will Win If: the Rams forget the game is in Arlington and go to Texas Stadium.

The Cowboys Will Lose If: the Rams try hard.

Notes: Rams 100-0


Jeff Cavanaugh

The Cowboys Will Win If: They play disciplined defensive football, don't take eye candy and everyone does their job.

The Cowboys Will Lose If: They can't score 30.

Notes: Rams 30-17 


Gavin Dawson

The Cowboys Will Win If: Oh, they won't be winning. But if they decide to blitz Goff a lot they might get lucky.

The Cowboys Will Lose If: We all remember the playoff game. That wasn't pretty and the Cowboys defense is even worse against the run now.

Notes: Rams 31-17


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