Mike Rupp Talks Stars Chances at Conference Run, Ranks Top 3 Tim Horton’s Donuts

Got a chance to talk to NHL Analyst and Stanley Cup Champion Mike Rupp on The K&C Masterpiece and here were my takes from the conversation.

  • The best teams running in the playoffs typically have a solid netminder and defensive structure in front of that goalie. The Stars are amongst the best in that respect, that commitment should help them make a run.  
  • It’s hard to tell whether the youthful legs or the veteran savvy will make the biggest impact during the final stages here. The Stars have some additions in Joe Pavelski (35), Corey Perry (34) and Andrej Sekera (33) and that experience will help, but Rupp suggests teams that down know what their legs can’t handle can be a nuisance.  
  • Also, free Tim Horton’s Donuts are a big talk in the bubble cities so obviously Rupp had to rank his Top 3 Tim Horton’s Options.  
    • 1. Fruit Explosion Muffin 
    • 2. French Cruller  
    • 3. Large Double Double  

Checkout the interview here, because Rupper was fantastic to talk hockey with.