The Jason Garrett Action Plan To Save His Job

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett
Photo credit © Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports
By 105.3 The Fan
By Cory Mageors and Kevin Hageland

Jason Garrett is without a contract when this season comes to a close.

I believe Jerry Jones knew he was getting a head coach without experience needed when he hired him.

I believe Jerry has always wanted Garrett to succeed, and has given him every opportunity to A) Win the big one B) Prove Jerry was right and made a good investment.

That being said, Garrett is 10-years into his tenure with the Cowboys and this is the perfect time for Jerry to say he’s seen enough.

If Garrett doesn’t take the team one game further, that is likely the last straw. I don’t think he will humiliate Garrett by firing him mid-season, I believe he honor what is left of Garrett’s contract because he likes him personally.

We at The K&C Masterpiece decided to take a positive take on the entire situation and enact the Jason Garrett Action Plan, a five point plan to save Jason Garrett’s job.

JGAP – Do These Things To Save Your Job
  1. Stop Clapping
  2. In game adjustments, when you see something is going wrong adjust instead of stubbornly saying “we just gotta execute”
  3. Let go of everything, let the coaches coach and the coordinators coordinate
    1. Hire Kevin for clock management
  4. Convert to analyticism (not a real word) Use the stats that show the best percentage chances of helping you execute and execute for the best gains.
  5. Show some passion! Show Some Fire! (FAN VOTE)

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