Could the NFL see more super teams due to the salary cap in 2021? One running back thinks so


In the 2019 NFL season, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Leonard Fournette and Antonio Brown were not on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And in the last game of the 2020 NFL season — Super Bowl LV — Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Leonard Fournette and Antonio Brown all scored touchdowns for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers en route to a Super Bowl victory.

Three of those four players — everyone except for Brady — signed one-year deals. They did their part, they earned their salaries and they came away with shiny new rings on their fingers. And now, they're free agents. In a sense, what the Buccaneers had created was a super team, though one that was composed of a 43-year-old QB, a former WWE champion, a disgruntled draft "bust" and a troubled former star. And to say that this strategy worked would be an understatement.

But given the current situations regarding the league's salary cap due to the coronavirus pandemic, there could be another super team on the horizon. That's what Arizona Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds sees, at least.

The NFL announced on Thursday morning that the 2021 salary cap floor is set at $180 million, down $18 million from 2020, and so it looks as though the overall cap number will take a hit, as was expected after revenues were down in 2020 and projected attendance for the 2021 season is lower than full capacity, as well.

So, as Edmonds is implying, why wouldn't free agents looking to strike it rich long-term wait until the cap was reset back to normalcy in future years. And, in turn, why wouldn't those players take on one-year deals where they would like to play most, perhaps uniting with others to form super groups?

Imagine J.J. Watt and Richard Sherman agreeing to take a one-year deal and prove they're still deserving of their star reputations to create a temporary defensive powerhouse. What if some of the star wide receivers, such as JuJu Smith-Schuster, tests out another home to see if he'll click with a younger quarterback as opposed to the veteran he's played with his whole career?

It's an intriguing thought from Edmonds — and maybe one that he hopes will bring some stars to Arizona and form a super team of their own.

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