Trey Burke on his role, finding a home with the Mavs, and much more

By 105.3 The Fan

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Dallas Mavericks guard Trey Burke joined the K&C Masterpiece on Thursday after the team was able to end their three-game losing streak with a victory over the Pacers on Wednesday.

Burke discussed his role on the team, finding a home with the Mavericks, and much more.

On his role and finding a home with the Mavs:

"My teammates and coaching staff trust me every time I go out on the court. I bounced around the league a few times, and everybody's journey is different. Some guys get in the NBA and they stick with that team, that team that first believed in them, they stick with them throughout their whole career. Some guys, it takes longer to find that niche. I've embraced that that's been my journey. That's why a lot of people are attracted to my story. I never gave up. I played in the G-League as a lottery pick. These are things I never really thought would happen coming into the league. But I felt like I found what I am special at, and where I really have true value at. And that's being able to be (a playmaker), regardless if that's scoring or creating. ... I think I'm one of those guys who can really create. The Mavs really valued that and they wanted to bring me back and keep growing with me. I really appreciated it. Coach Carlisle knows I trust him (and) I really see this as a long-term destination for me.

"We made a little bit of noise in the bubble last year. KP (Kristaps Porzingis) went down and we really felt like we could have won that series with him. Hopefully this year, with full strength, we can make a real run at a title. And I think that's our number one goal. Everyone talks about titles, and it's easier said than done, but I feel like we have the pieces here to actually compete for one. And I'm excited to be a Maverick."

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