Derrius Guice rape allegations affirm Washington's decision to move on

By 106.7 The Fan

Former Washington running back Derris Guice has been accused of rape by two separate women who tell USA TODAY the incidents occurred at LSU in 2016.

USA TODAY'S investigation reveals the women shared the allegations with LSU officials at the time, including two coaches, an athletics administrator and a nurse, but the school apparently failed to investigate the incidents.
Guice was already facing domestic violence charges in Virginia, with his arrest prompting Washington to release the running back on Friday, Aug. 7. USA TODAY says its reporting on the alleged rapes began on Aug. 3, four days before Guice's arrest, and first interviewed one of the accusers back in January. It also reports that same woman detailed her allegations in June for a lawsuit in which she's listed as a "Jane Doe."Furthermore, USA TODAY says the woman spoke at length to an investigator for Washington on Aug. 6, the day before Guice's arrest and subsequent release from Washington. This timeline helps shed light on why Washington might have felt so strongly at the time about releasing Guice.

Washington's Aug. 7 statement on Guice's release: "On Thursday we learned of a potential domestic violence related incident involving RB Derrius Guice. We immediately alerted the National Football League and have continued to work with them during this process. WE then met with Derrius Guice to inform him that he was excused from all team activity pending a review of this matter. This afternoon we learned that there were multiple charges filed against Derrius. Upon review of the nature of these charges and following internal discussions, we have decided to release Derrius immediately."  

On Monday, Aug. 10, Washington head coach Ron Rivera told reporters it was his decision to release Guice, explaining, "Any time you have to release a very talented, young football player, it's always a tough decision. But this type of circumstance, this type of situation, we take those allegations very, very seriously, and we had to make the decision going forward."
Washington team president Jason Wright — who wasn't employed by the team at the time of Guice's release, as he was only hired on Monday of this week — when asked for comment on these new allegations against Guice, told 106.7 The Fan's The Sports Junkies, "I'm really thankful for what Coach Rivera's establishing on the football side of the house. He's putting in place a new culture and there is a new direction that he's set as the standard across the organization. I'm glad for the guys on the team who are up to that standard and living that day in, day out. That's all."

Guice's attorney, Peter D. Greenspun, denied all of the allegations to USA TODAY and questioned the timing of the story's release.

"At no time were allegations of physical or sexual assault brought against Derrius during his years as a student athlete at LSU," Greenspun told USA TODAY. "To bring up such assertions only after the Virginia charges were initiated certainly calls into question the credibility, nature and timing of what is being alleged years later.

"Such speculation and innuendo should not be the basis for Derrius to be required to make any comment at all. But he wants to be absolutely clear. The allegations in this story are just that and have no basis in fact."