Report: Jeff Bezos linked to discussions about sale of the Washington Football Team


With the minority owners of the Washington Football Team reportedly looking to sell their share of the team, they apparently drew some interest from someone with deep pockets: Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

According to a report from AJ Perez of Front Office Sports, Bezos — who's had reported interest in purchasing an NFL team for some time — spoke with Moag & Company, the investment banking firm that's handling the sale of the minority stake, last July.

According to Perez, the name of Bezos' attorney appeared in court documents pertaining to Washington majority team owner Dan Snyder's defamation lawsuit against Dwight Schar, who's one of Washington's minority owners. That lawsuit stems from Snyder's claim that Schar was behind an online campaign intended to smear Snyder in an effort to force him to sell the team.

Coincidentally enough, it was last July when Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said it' was "well known" that Bezos wants to purchase an NFL team, while theorizing that Bezos would be first in line to purchase the Washington Football Team should he have the opportunity to do so.

"There aren't a lot of guys out there that can write a check that would be large enough to buy a team and also run the team," Florio told 106.7 The Fan at the time. "But Jeff Bezos is the first name that's gonna pop up."

"It's well known that he wants in," Florio said, "and it's well known that the owners of the other NFL teams wouldn't mind having him in, given that he runs Amazon and given that it would be a hell of a lot easier to work out deals for the streaming rights to games if one of the guys that they're a partner with is also the guy that runs Amazon."

According to Perez, Snyder's lawyers have alleged that John Moag, the founder of Moag & Company, had prior knowledge of the alleged smear campaign, and court documents show a screen capture of a text exchange in which Moag allegedly tells another person, whose name is redacted, to "keep an eye on the Redskins, it's getting very interesting."

"Hopefully Snyder's going," the redacted name responded, per Perez.

Are Bezos or his lawyer's identities behind the redacted name? That's unclear from Perez's reporting, although Perez notes that messages left with one of Bezos' lawyers went unreturned. Perez also says a message left with The Washington Post — which Bezos owns — was "not immediately returned."

Read the full report for yourself here.

Perez talks with 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny at the 17:30 mark below.