Watch: Marcus Spears delivers impassioned rant about Chad Wheeler


Nine-year NFL veteran Marcus Spears says he saw domestic violence in his home growing up. So Spears, now an analyst for ESPN, feels especially inclined as an adult to help be part of calling out those that commit such acts.

Offensive lineman Chad Wheeler, who spent the 2020 season with the Seattle Seahawks, was arressted this past weekend on suspicion of felony domestic violence, The Seattle Times learned. Wheeler is alleged to have thrown a woman onto a bed and strangled her. After the woman had been unconscious for some time, she regained her consciousness, to the surprise of Wheeler, who is purported to have said "Wow, you're alive?" in response to her waking up. The report also goes on to say that the woman told a 9-1-1 operator that she was being "killed."

Disgusted by this report, Spears passionately criticized Wheeler Wednesday afternoon.

"We're about to make Chad Wheeler famous," Spears said on NFL Live. "He needs to be a face that everybody knows and sees, and sees how wrong, disrespectful and bad it is. Period. The graphic nature of what we saw...the graphic nature of what's being reported of his response to what he saw after he thought that he had killed a woman, that is why we need to put this on blast. The reason why I wanted to talk about this...and I'm gonna take ya'll in the back room, before we get to doing the shows...I was pressing upon to talk about this, because I was raised in a household where this transpired. I also have listened to thousands of stories...not close to me, but around and reading and researching and trying to get a better grasp of what people are going through...what women are going through...what people that suffer from domestic violence are going I can speak to this from more than just an emotional standpoint.

"The bottom line is this - any time this situation arises, best believe that NFL Live is gonna make the perpetrator famous. And we are going to make sure that everybody knows what they look like and understand that these situations have to stop happening.

"One point I want to make: this is not indicative of football players. It's really, really great men in that league. It is not indicative of the majority of men in society when this is going on. But it's going on, and we are going to pay attention, call it and and we're going to call it like we see it. Ya'll know I am, and I think we should all carry that responsibility."

The Seahawks announced Wednesday that they have parted ways with the three-year NFL veteran, who is out of jail after posting $400,000 in bail. The 27-year-old took to Twitter after being released from prison, and shared the following thread:

For what it's worth, The Seattle Times report, penned by Bob Condotta, does state that "Wheeler had been on medication for bi-polar disorder but had not taken it of late."

An undrafted free agent out of USC, Wheeler spent the 2017 and 2018 campaigns with the New York Giants.

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