Jack Easterby reportedly making (untrue) claims about Kraft family relating to negative press


Jack Easterby continues to be a major topic in Houston, and a major distraction.

Sports Illustrated published another long-form story on Easterby and his role with the Texans organization, which does not paint him in a positive light in a variety of ways -- trying to win over Deshaun Watson, the Nick Caserio hire and then making some wild claims relating to the December long-form SI story on him are all addressed.

According to the story, Easterby has told multiple people that he believes the Kraft family is behind the negative press about him. It's gone as far as Easterby spreading a story that the Krafts are investors in SI or had directly funded SI’s reporting. The story notes Sports Illustrated has no financial relationship with the Krafts.

When reached via email through a team spokesman for the the story, Easterby denied making the claims.

In addition, Easterby also has "told multiple people inside the [Texans] building that he had sued, or planned to sue, SI for defamation, and had therefore been provided with a list identifying all sources for that story."

That also does not seem to be true, as the story says, "SI has not been notified of any lawsuit nor disclosed the identity of any of its sources."

On Friday, owner Cal McNair indicated he has no plans to move on from Easterby.