Green Bay Packers have scored in every single quarter of the 2020 NFL season


Talk about consistency.

Facing heat after a draft selection of another quarterback and with many doubters calling their 13-3 2019 campaign a "lucky" season, all the Packers have done to start the 2020 season is flat out dominate. The defense has been solid if unexceptional, but their record stands at 4-0 despite facing some fairly stiff competition.

It's Aaron Rodgers and the offense that are leading the charge, and there's no doubt about it.

From Mason Crosby's 31-yard field goal to open up the scoring in Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings to his 48-yarder in the final period of play against the Falcons in Week 4, the Packers' offense has put points up on the board in every single quarter of the season. 16 quarters. 152 points. And no sign of letting their foot off the gas.

It's worth exploring all of the quarters in between those two field goals, as well, considering the hefty amount of points that have been tallied on the score board. Rodgers has thrown 13 touchdowns, five of which have gone to Robert Tonyan, the up-and-coming tight end with three scores against Atlanta. He's spread the wealth, however, hitting five other receivers in the end zone to finish drives off with six points. Aaron Jones, who has caught two of those 13 touchdowns, has scored four more on the ground.

57 of those 152 points have been scored in the second quarter, making that the most potent point of attack for Rodgers' offense. One of those drives ended with a five-yard touchdown to Allen Lazard, who almost made it on a previous play with a much flashier ending.

With no shortage of highlights and all the positive momentum of the world -- and a hopeful Davante Adams returning from injury to make the offense even more potent -- the Packers are perhaps the most exciting team to watch in football to this point.

A Week 5 bye will unfortunately put the roller coaster on temporary hold, but a Week 6 date with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay is sure to be as awesome as advertised.

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