Shaq delivers scathing critique of James Harden: 'When it comes time to show up, he ain't show up'


Add Shaq to the list of those who are dismayed with James Harden.

The NBA on TNT analyst delivered a scathing criticism of the All-Star guard on Thursday – a day after he was traded from the Houston Rockets to Brooklyn Nets to team up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

The Hall of Famer called out Harden for saying he gave the city of Houston his all, which Shaq rebuked, “that ain’t true.”

“You asked for Dwight Howard. We gave him to you. It didn’t work out,” Shaq said. “You asked for Chris Paul. We gave him to you. You asked for some shooters, we gave them to you. You asked for Westbrook, your homeboy, from little league, we gave him to you, it didn’t work out. When you say ‘I gave you everything,’ I say ‘no you didn’t.’”

Shaq then pulled out a piece of paper and began reciting key stats related to Harden.

“The last five games when it comes to elimination, you’re 1-4,” he said. “You’re shooting 41%, -- 24% from three. Thirty-two assists and 27 turnovers. I used to be like James. I used to come home and complain he didn’t do…my father…said, ‘what the hell did you do?’ He ain’t doing nothing. He didn’t step up when he supposed to step up. When you’re the man and you make all the money and you make $30 or $40 million a year it’s a big responsibility… When it comes time to show up, he ain’t show up.

“I know a lot of people in Houston who are glad he’s gone. Now he’s got his little super team. So he gotta win this year. If he don’t win this year, it’s a bust.”

Shaq certainly did not hold back with how he felt about Harden, joining a chorus of critics, which include Harden’s former teammates.

On Wednesday, DeMarcus Cousins spoke about the “disrespect” Harden displayed as a teammate while John Wall admitted on Tuesday that it had been a “rocky” road trying to adjust playing with Harden.

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