Watch: Jake Paul delivers scary knockout blow to Nate Robinson in boxing match


“Celebrity” boxing is no slam dunk contest.

Nate Robinson found that out the hard way.

The former NBA star failed to make it out of the second round in his boxing match against internet celebrity Jake Paul on Saturday night after the 23-year-old demolished the 36-year-old Robinson with a violent knockout punch.

It was rather clear early on the fight was a mismatch as Paul, who measures at 6-foot-1and weighed in at 189 pounds, knocked down the 5-foot-9 inch, 181-pound Robinson twice before delivering the knockout blow.

In fact, Paul landed just eight punches, but that was all he needed.

While Robinson laid motionless on the ground for a bit after the knockout he reassured his fans he was OK with an Instagram post.

Some on Twitter poked fun at Robinson’s expense for his short-lived fight, including some NBA players.

Paul, on the other hand, praised the three-time slam dunk contest champion for having the courage to accept the challenge.

“He was better than I expected,” Paul said after the fight. “He was athletic and super strong. I just want to say thank you to Nate. He was the one who originally called him out and I respect him. His basketball career was great and I don’t want to take anything away from him. He stepped into the ring and it takes a lot of balls to do that.”

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