Twins slugger Nelson Cruz wore a bathrobe in the dugout, and it was glorious


Yesterday’s debate topic on the RDC Sports Slack was a doozy—the gang got heated over our grocery store preferences (turns out, this company employs a surprising amount of Trader Joe’s truthers)—but that subject has run its course. Today, we’re talking about robes.

Wait, is this even a baseball article? Yes and no. Elder statesman Nelson Cruz, who is having an MVP-caliber year offensively for the playoff-bound Twins (.314, 16 HR, 32 RBI), didn’t see the field Tuesday night, missing his third straight game with a right knee injury. Cruz wasn’t in the lineup against Detroit but the 40-year-old slugger still made his presence felt aesthetically. Is that velour? Velvet? Whatever the material, Cruz’s ensemble became an instant hit on social media.

Nothing says “confident veteran” like roaming the dugout in high-end sleepwear (disappointingly, “Twins bathrobe” returned zero search results on Could a fringe big-leaguer pull off the Hugh Hefner look? Probably not. But when you’re sitting on 417 lifetime homers, you can wear whatever the heck you want. Apparently, the same logic applies for Super-Bowl-winning head coaches. For instance, no one batted an eye when Bill Belichick wore whatever this is to Wednesday’s press conference at Gillette Stadium.

For context, Cruz’s new attire was apparently gifted to him by teammate Josh Donaldson (fresh off one of the more unusual ejections you’ll ever see), who distributed personalized robes to all of his Twins teammates. The resourceful Cruz has found many uses for his. It’s great for napping and apparently even better for home-run celebrations.

As a full-time DH, Cruz likely won’t receive much MVP consideration (his last fielding cameo came in 2018), though his remarkable performance at an age when most players have already hung up their cleats still warrants recognition. But more importantly, he reminded us that robe life is indeed beautiful.

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