Scott Boras offers delicious description of client Jackie Bradley Jr.


It's a time-honored tradition.

Scott Boras getting in front of the assembled media at the Winter Meetings to answer questions for upwards of an hour, touching on his clients and the overall state of baseball.

When it comes to the Red Sox this time around, Boras' main message had to do with one player: Jackie Bradley Jr.

His update/description of the free agent centerfielder didn't disappoint.

"JBJ is kind of the PBJ of the Major Leagues -- he's sweet, smooth and spreads it all over, covers it well," Boras said when asked about Bradley Jr. "The idea of what Jackie does in a Defensive Runs Saved environment has been quite popular. I think the fact that he has really illustrated a dimension of a different approach, particularly going the other way, and his OPS went well over .800 -- that seems to be very, very attractive to a lot of clubs, they've asked a lot of questions about it and what adjustments he's made. When you have a world champion and someone who's done what Jackie's done, being as young as he is and being as efficient as he is and as great of a teammate as he is, he's received a lot of attention and we expect something very grand for him going forward."

Bradley Jr. seems to have a healthy market, with Houston, Philadelphia, the Cubs, Mets and Blue Jays all being linked to the 30-year-old.

And then there are the Red Sox, who are also showing signs that they want a reunion with Bradley Jr.

"I certainly, you know, we've had the discussions and they've certainly expressed the interest and let us know that he is a clear part of the Red Sox support hose, let's put it that way," Boras explained. "So we, we know that he's had great success there. He's a winning player, and the Red Sox intentions are intentions are to advance their winning ways certainly beyond what could happen in ‘20. So, again, as with most free agent , we get notice of interest and then we'll wait and see how the market unfolds with them."

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