Stephen Jones: Mike McCarthy will ‘absolutely’ return as Cowboys’ coach in 2021


It’s been tough sledding for Mike McCarthy in year one of his Cowboys tenure, leading some to wonder if he’ll live to see a year two. Luckily for the sanity of Cowboys fans (many of them still reeling from Dak Prescott’s horrific injury) and McCarthy’s own peace of mind, executive vice president Stephen Jones had this to say Monday:

As disastrous as this season has been for the Cowboys, who are off to their worst start since 2015, injuries to key contributors like Prescott, Tyron Smith and La’El Collins have been as much to blame as McCarthy, if not more so, for Dallas’ recent struggles. Even in the abysmal NFC East, where seven victories should be more than enough to crown a division winner, you’re not going to win very often with fourth-string quarterback Garrett Gilbert under center.

McCarthy has garnered criticism for installing a new defense in spite of the team’s abbreviated offseason (an ambitious plan that backfired spectacularly) and not having his team properly prepared, particularly in ugly losses to Arizona and Washington. But to McCarthy’s credit, the shorthanded Cowboys gave the undefeated Steelers quite a scare in Week 9, leading most of the game before running out of gas in the fourth quarter.

Remember, Jerry Jones stuck it out with Jason Garrett LONG after his expiration date. He’s not going the one-and-done route with McCarthy, no matter how ugly this lost season gets. Even if the Cowboys don’t win another game this year, a distinct possibility at this point, you can bet on McCarthy getting another bite at the coaching apple—preferably with a healthy Dak Prescott—in 2021.

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