NFL community rips referees, officiating system after questionable first down call in Patriots-Ravens


Many factors came into play in the New England Patriots' surprising victory over the Baltimore Ravens, including torrential weather conditions we have yet to experience in the 2020 NFL season. However, one play that may or may not have played a part in determining the outcome of the game drew a substantial amount of attention on social media.

Though a Patriots' drive in the middle of the fourth quarter ended with a punt, it wasn't a three-and-out. Perhaps that should have been the case, however, as a measurement on third down determined that quarterback Cam Newton did in fact reach the first down, while a video replay doesn't provide any definitive support that this was the case.

After the play was over, an official seemed to go against his initial spot and move the ball in a rather unofficial fashion, which many Patriots fans viewed as a generous spot (and many Ravens fans saw as a brutal call).

Some personalities, like RADIO.COM Sports' own Nick Kostos, were outraged with the spot.

Former running backs Terron Ward and JacQuizz Rodgers were among those who agreed with Kostos in his analysis of the play.

Pro Football Network's Mike Tanier was just along for the ride through Twitter.

There was also a group of fans, including 610 Sports Radio Kansas City's Cody Tapp, who thinks that calls like this need to be eradicated from the NFL with a new systemic approach.

Again, the play ultimately may have proved meaningless. At the most, it took away a small chunk of clock from the Ravens in their subsequent drives in their attempt to mount a comeback in the pouring rain. Regardless, its just another example of how armchair referees — a group that frequently includes analysts and players — have been angry with the officials in 2020.

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