Several Companies Need Help Due To Demand From Self-Quarantines.

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By 1059 SUNNY FM

We are all going through this health crisis together as Americans. We all are feeling it whether a family or friend is directly affected by the coronavirus or indirectly by losing their job or not being to find household items needed for their home and family. However, ever the optimist, when a door closes another one opens so while this health crisis is causing a huge disruption a need has been created in other areas: JOBS.

Several companies are being overwhelmed with the demand for sales associates, distribution workers, and delivery drivers, among other positions. 

All are favorite stores need help Walmart, Aldi, Costco, Amazon, Dominos, Dollar Store and I'm sure many others will be added soon to the list. If you don't see your local store or favorite fast food call them and ask. I believe in old school communication.

Now some other jobs that are still in demand that you may not have considered like baby sitting/childcare, census workers, drivers, cleaning/maintenance jobs (schools really need these positions filled), outdoor jobs and more click here info from our friends at Local 6 News. 

We all have to step up and help each other out during this time. As American's we fight back and we will fight back and defeat this enemy known as Covid-19. 

Stay safy and healthy! God Bless. ~grace