Coors Light Is Giving Out Lots Of Free Beer

coors beer
Photo credit GETTYIMAGES
By 1059 SUNNY FM

Who couldn't use a beer during a pandemic? I don't drink beer and even I have joined my husband sipping on this adult beverage during this lockdown. Well, after a few cries for "need beer" on social media, Coors Light heard the need and has launched #Could Use A Beer campaign.Brilliant! 

Coors Light announced on Twitter a new campaign called America #Could Use A Beer. Just go to the beverage's official Twitter account to tell them who you think deserves a beer, and they will provide a six-pack.

It could be yourself, a friend, family member, stranger, or even celebrity! Coors Light says the offer will run until a million dollars worth of beer has been claimed. Wow! Cheers Coors Light! ~grace