Meals On Wheels Need Volunteers

meals on wheels
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By 1059 SUNNY FM

We are all being touched by this COVID-19 pandemic but charities are always the hardest hit during a crisis. Meals On Wheels has been providing meals for our elderly shut-ins for decades but now where we are all asked to stay home and keep a distance, the elderly are even more affected. 

Meals on Wheels put out a call to action last month. They must serve 5,000 meals per day and are in desperate need of drivers. 

  • In Orange County, Meals on Wheels delivers between 900-1100 meals a day. It takes over 300 volunteers to cover 75 routes each week.
  • In Seminole County, Meals on Wheels delivers 550 meals a day. It takes 225 volunteers to cover 32 routes each week.

And now, with the elderly being the demographic that seems to be high on the most at risk of COVID-19 list,even more are now staying at home and not receiving the nutrition they need. 

"We do have a waiting list for meals on wheels and it ranges anywhere between 350 and 500, just in Orange County," said Marsha Lorenz, president and CEO of Seniors First and Meals on Wheels.

Nationwide, one in six seniors go hungry.

meals on wheels

While I know many have lost jobs and are scared but if you are young, healthy and able to help your community, I ask you to please consider helping others who may not have someone to look after them.

God Bless and let's pray this pandemic comes to an end sooner than later. ~grace

Here is the website for more information on how you can volunteer for Meals On Wheels: SENORS FIRST 407-292-0177.