Patriots Owner Sends Team Plane To China To Pick Up Millions Of Masks!

robert kraft
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By 1059 SUNNY FM

LIke him or not, he is our president and his quote rings true for all of us "Our future is in our own hands, and the choices and sacrifices we make will determine the fate of this virus and, really, the fate of our victory.  We will have a great victory.  We have no other choice.  Every one of us has a role to play in winning this war.  Every citizen, family, and business can make the difference in stopping the virus.  This is our shared patriotic duty." (source White

Which is why it gives me hope when I read not just a community pulling together but all of these top CEO's of companies doing for their employees, be it providing medical mask and gloves, or a pay increase, or their companies themselves being transformed into making something else, like My Pillow now making masks for all those in the frontlines fighting COVID-19! 

Well, here is another PATRIOT, literally and figuratively, New Enland Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, has sent the teams private plane to China to pick up 1.75 million N95 masks for hospitals in Massachusetts and New York states respectively. According to a release, Kraft partnered with Gov. Charlie Baker to purchase 1.4 million N95 masks to replenish the inventory of PPE at hospitals.

Now that's TEAM WORK! ~grace