Scammers Pretending To Be From The CDC Going Door To Door

lab coats
Photo credit GettyImages
By 1059 SUNNY FM

We know this having to go through hurricanes, scammers come out in droves during our most difficult time so not surprised these THUGS are out now during this coronavirus pandemic.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is warning residents of new scams including people in white lab coats showing up to homes, impersonating workers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Moody said the scams run the gambit from text messages and phone calls to impostors posing as health workers offering free COVID-19 tests.

Some reports say that text messages asking people to click on a link to claim a $1,000 payment, apparently connected to a COVID-19 federal stimulus package are circulating and may containe malware. Moody warns that no one should click on any links in unsolicited messages.

In several South Florida law enforcement agencies are issuing alerts about people dressed in white lab coats and masks impersonating Centers for Disease Control and Prevention workers.

Please get this information out especially to elders that seem to be most targeted by scammers. Keep yourself and your family safe along with your personal information. ~grace