Target Announces Special Shopping Hours For Most Vulnerable Guests

elderly shoppers
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By 1059 SUNNY FM

I love reading how corporations are adjusting for this temporary (and it will be temporary) wave of health crisis we are all under. TARGET CEO Brian Cornell has said their stores will be making adjustments for the safety and health of their guests and their team. I know other stores are following suit and that should make us all feel good and proud to be Americans. 

"We’ll reduce hours and close all stores by 9 p.m. daily. This will help us as we replenish and deeply clean our stores for our guests. And it builds on measures we shared earlier this month, including enhanced cleaning and more staffing for in-demand services that support social distancing, like Order Pickup and Drive Up. 

We’ll also reserve the first hour of shopping each Wednesday to support vulnerable guests, including the elderly and those with underlying health concerns.

In addition to these changes, we’re fast-tracking the flow of products that are in highest demand, including food, medicine and other essentials. We’ll continue to maintain limitations on in-demand items and respectfully ask all guests to consider their immediate needs and purchase accordingly so more families can find the products they need."

To read the entire statement click here.

Now we have to do our part and abide by the new guidelines not just implemented by stores but by the government's guidelines for the next 15 days click here. The sooner we defeat this enemy the sooner we will be back to living life in this beautiful country of ours. God Bless. ~grace