Fri: Nat'l Bike to Work Day

Greenlink Bus Bike Rack
Photo credit Image: GPATS
By 106.3 WORD

Friday, May 17th is National Bike to Work Day. It’s actually a very small part of the entire month of May, which is National Bike Month. 

Bike riding is good for your health and the environment. It can also help you save money by spending less on transit.

With Greenville’s famous Swamp Rabbit Trail, which now touts 22 miles of pathways, you might actually consider biking to work on Friday.  But what if you don’t think you can make it the entire way by pedaling?  Greenlink says you can always hit the nearest bus stop and ride Greenlink part of the way. 

Greenlink says its buses are equipped with bike racks that will hold up to three bicycles. They even offer a video to teach you how to use the bike racks.

The forecast for Friday looks good, so it might be a great way to end your week and start your weekend by biking to work on National Bike to Work Day

Some tips to think about before hitting the open road on your bicycle:

  • Do it with others. Enlist your partner, co-worker, roommate, friend, or family member to ride with you. Encouraging others to participate will not only give you company, but it will also benefit their health and the environment too!
  • Bike Share. There are plenty of places to rent bikes around Greenville and the city offers the B-Cycle program, too. 
  • Consider joining a bike club.  Greenville has plenty of them including the Greenville Spinners.
  • Plan ahead. Do your research ahead of time to plan the best route.  Not only is there the Swamp Rabbit Trail, but you might want to check out what roads have dedicated bike lanes to make your ride safer and easier.
  • Stay hydrated. You may be thirstier than usual during your workday. Make sure to give your reusable water bottle an extra fill on Bike to Work Day.
  • Safety is key. Wear a helmet. Check your bike over, including tire pressure, before getting on the road. Obey traffic laws and learn bike hand signals.