Lawmakers Deciding What To With Lotto Money

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By 106.3 WORD

As South Carolina lawmakers resume debates on the state's spending plan, one lawmaker introduces a proposal that would redirect money from the windfall of October's $878 million Mega Millions jackpot toward the state's retirement system.The Senate's plan calls for using the money expected in income tax revenue from the winnings to provide $50 rebate checks per tax return filed. Lawmakers say if a couple files jointly, they will only receive one $50 check and it will cost the state $700,000 to mail them.Republican Sen. Greg Hembree says it makes more sense for lawmakers to allocate that money toward reducing the unfunded liability of the state's pension plan. The Little River lawmaker said the state needs to funnel as much resources to pay down the liability over time.Lawmakers voted to reject Hembree's proposal, 29-15.