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children's hospital
By 106.3 WORD

For this week’s cover story, we look back at Chris Evan’s interview on Focus on the Upstate with Children’s Miracle Network managers Meredith Morgan and Bethany Pearson and Prisma Hospital Schoolteacher Christine Mott in anticipation for the 2020 Radiothon.

Morgan and Pearson discussed the Prisma Health Children’s Hospital and what it’s like for kids who often find themselves there for various medical reasons.

As many kids can find themselves in extended stays at the children’s hospital, it’s important that their education does not suffer. That’s where Christine Mott, the Prisma Hospital Schoolteacher comes in.

She serves as a schoolteacher for children staying at the hospital, helping them keep up on studies and assignments so they don’t fall behind in their education. As such, she must be ready to teach all subjects for every grade level.

The Children’s Hospital Radiothon has been going on for more than 10 years and is being broadcast live on each of the seven Entercom Upstate stations, including 106.3 WORD, March 5th and 6th. For more information on the event or to donate, visit the event web page here.