Swamp Rabbit Trail Closed

Swamp Rabbit Trail
Photo credit Imagn USA Today Network © SABRINA SCHAEFFER/Staff
By 106.3 WORD

The City of Greenville announced that the Swamp Rabbit trail is being closed starting Monday evening "until further notice."

This decision was made in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As spring weather arrives, the city expected more people to use the trail, which is not wide enough to allow for proper social distancing.

The full closure of the area was decided to avoid potential confusion. Signs will be posted soon.


Read the Full Press Release From the City of Greenville Here:

The entire Swamp Rabbit Trail section within the Greenville city limits will be closed until further notice beginning at sundown today, Monday, April 6. Once received, signs advising the public will be posted at the City/County line and in various locations along the trail. This additional public safety measure is necessary for several reasons:
Trail usage overall is increasing as more residents take advantage of spring weather
Due to park closures, there is more concentrated pedestrian traffic on open sections of the trail close to downtown
Most of the City’s trail network is only 11-feet-wide, which does not allow adequate distance between users
Increased respiration when exercising increases the likelihood of expelling droplets just by breathing
Full closure of the trail reduces confusion regarding where the public is allowed and makes it easier to follow the guidelines
The City continues to urge residents to stay home and stay safe.