Watch Hunter Hayes Answer Questions in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

Inside 'The Masked Singer' reveal and more

Hunter Hayes joined RADIO.COM for another exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live, answering questions from fans around the world. The GRAMMY-nominated singer and songwriter, who was recently unmasked on FOX’s The Masked Singer, let us in on the experience and shared what else he has in the works.

"I honestly didn't. I didn't expect anybody to recognize my voice," Hayes says of his time on the hit singing show. "I had a feeling it was gonna take a while."

Becoming "The Astronaut" was Hunter's choice, saying that since he signed on early, he had a few to choose from.

"I was between a couple different costumes but, I think what we decided was we love - I loved the astronaut. We all loved, the team and talked about it - and between astro and the other costume I was looking at, astronaut represented 'Wild Blue' and future things. Versus other things were kind of talking about past subjects, and I felt like the astronaut was just sort of looking to the future."

Hayes surprised everyone last month, when he was revealed to be "The Astronaut" on The Masked Singer, wowing judges and shining through the once-in-a-lifetime experience by taking on songs from Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder, and *NSYNC.

"It got a little tricky there towards the end," he reveals. "Friends started texting and, luckily most of them are really respectful and if I didn't respond to them they didn't ask anymore questions."

"In the beginning, we were in LA working on the album, that's the honest to God truth. I didn't have to lie about anything. We were doing most of our work on the show in the mornings - so we would go, we would work for a little while, and I'd be back in my home studio before I would normally wake up. So for most of our friends, nothing was surprising, so that part was easy. But once it got a little later in the season, it got a little tricky."

Currently at work on part two of a three-part series of albums, Hayes has continued exploring his own sound, evolving even beyond last year’s Wild Blue, Part I. It's all about growth and adventure, and the show and his new fans have played a part in it.

"It has been really cool, to feel like I'm having a new conversation with a lot of people that aren't necessarily familiar with me or my music," he tells RADIO.COM's Kelly Ford. "The show really helped me explain myself musically, without me being able to talk," he laughs. "It gave me a chance to try different things and sing different styles of music, use different parts of my voice."

"That was the fun part about it, was getting to explain myself, through music."

You can learn more about the new project from Hunter Hayes, and how hard it is to dance in a space suit, all during our FANDEMIC Instagram Live above.

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