Luke Bryan Shares the Baby Gift He's Getting for Katy Perry's Little Girl

Any day now

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are getting ready to welcome their first child together into the world, which just might happen any day now.

Perry’s fellow American Idol judge Luke Bryan told Entertainment Tonight that the “Smile” singer’s due date is right around the corner.

"I didn't know the exact due date ... so I texted her like, 'Hey, just so I can kind of wrap my head around when to really start thinking about you guys and saying prayers and everything,' so she let me know the due date," Bryan said. "She's pretty close."

Whenever Perry and Bloom’s baby girl arrives, Luke Bryan already has a gift lined up for her.

"I told her I'm probably gonna send her little girl maybe, like, a little pink BB gun," he said with a laugh. "An old country boy version of little baby girl gifts. Pink camo and a pink BB gun."

American Idol season 4 is set to go virtual with auditions for the upcoming season, something which Bryan says the crew is still figuring out. The Country star says they are “still in negotiations” about production just a week before virtual auditions take place.

Bryan, Perry, and Lionel Richie are expected to return as judges for the season.

"I am going to speak for myself that I certainly want to be at the judges' table and it is something I love doing," Bryan said. "I love being on the ground floor of these artists coming in and watching these dreams start to come true and I think 'American Idol' is really really important for music."

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