Restaurant Installs Shower Curtains Between Tables to Encourage Social Distancing


Many people across the country are still under stay-at-home orders. The coronavirus pandemic has some left wondering about the timeline of when the economy will restart again.

For the state of Ohio, restaurants have been restricted to delivery and carry-out service. On May 21, the state will welcome dine-in customers.

Twisted Citrus, a restaurant known for its breakfast and brunch, told Today about its creative solution to make sure customers are correctly social distancing themselves from others.

The solution? Employees will be putting up shower curtains to create barriers between tables.

Kim Shapiro, co-owner of the restaurant, said it would be impossible to continue business if the eatery was only allowed to have eight to ten tables in there. She mentioned that it wouldn't have worked.

Shapiro said that the redesign was inspired by a mock-up she had seen of airplanes using Plexiglass to separate seats. One restaurant in Italy found a similarly creative way to maintain social distancing protocols as a video showed people seated at tables separated by a giant Plexiglass pane.

Shapiro said they were looking into the Plexiglass idea, but due to safety reasons, decided to go another route.

"And more importantly, we're very busy on Saturdays and Sundays, but during the week less so, and I wanted something that was maybe retractable," Shapiro said.

The staff at the restaurant were able to hang the curtains from PVC pipes, which hang from the ceiling. The curtains will also be cleaned between parties.

The restaurant will also have hand sanitizer stations as well as masks to give to its employees.

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