Rooftop Restaurant Reveals Private Greenhouses for Socially Distanced Dining


An Italian restaurant on a New York City rooftop revealed five plastic greenhouses that allow guests to practice social distancing.

The New York Post reported that Ania and Michele Iuliano prepared to open Ampia Restaurant and Rooftop this spring above a restaurant they already own.

As the coronavirus crisis continues to put plans on hold for restaurants, the Iulianos said they needed to come up with an idea to stay in business.

Anisa started to look for plexiglass dividers to set up between tables and sanitizing equipment to clean the whole restaurant.

She then found plastic greenhouses from an advertisement on social media.

“It turns out that when you’re inside, it’s an exclusivity that people just absorb and enjoy,” Anisa said. “They love that privacy.”

When people order, they can scan a QR code to access the menu on their mobile phones. The greenhouses, which have tables for two, will be wiped down between uses.

Anisa said it was a risky plan, but it turned out better than expected.

Dishes on the rooftop restaurant will consist of light Italian foods.

The restaurant is a 4,500 square-foot outdoor space with a bar area, banquette seating, and tables placed 6 feet apart. The terrace accommodates 250 people, but due to coronavirus, the business will only allow up to 65 people at a time.

All guests throughout the restaurant must wear face masks unless seated at a table.

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