Locals Only Artist Of The Month for August: Goth Babe

Goth Babe
By 107.7 The End
This spring and summer I found myself listening to more music than normal with the express intent of listening to things that I've never heard of or previously spent time with. I even went down a Post Malone rabbit hole after he did that live stream of Nirvana covers. I poured through playlists on all of the streaming services, asked friends and strangers for recommendations and bought random albums on Bandcamp. It's all been really rewarding and eye opening.

While listening to some "Fresh Indie" something playlist somewhere I came upon Goth Babe. I instantly fell in love, left the playlist and went right into every Goth Babe song I could find. It's all great. Just see for yourself...

You're going to be hearing this all August long on 107.7 The End because Goth Babe is our new Locals Only Artist Of The Month. Learn more about Goth Babe below:

Goth Babe is Griffin Washburn, living off the grid in his camper van with dog, Sadie, driving up and down the coast surfing, snow boarding and rock climbing. He has a solar powered recording studio in the back where he writes and records everything himself. He's sold out recent shows in LA, SF, NYC, Denver, Portland and Seattle. 
Part musician, surfer, snowboarder, climber, vagabond - Griff embodies a true wanderlust spirit and has an amazing story to tell. 
This will be the 3rd release from the "Season & Location" series. This winter release, "Mt Bachelor" is named after the Bend, Oregon ski resort where he spent the majority of his time thus far this winter. The environment in which he creates and experiences he's lived bleed through to truly make a unique sound.