Locals Only Playlist: December 8th with MXYA

Photo credit MYXA
By 107.7 The End

This week on Locals Only I was joined by a newer Seattle band that I have been very excited to meet. Local band MYXA (Mu-ha) came by the studio to share about themselves and play a live song for us.

A while band MYXA sent me an email with their debut EP Mosca. I loved it instantly and wanted to get these two on the show right away. They shared the story of how they met just earlier this year at a jam session with coworkers. They quickly formed a band and found themselves recording music together. The early product is one of my favorite releases of 2019.

Then they performed my favorite MYXA song "Carrion" which you can see below:

You can see MYXA live at the Timbre Room on January 31st. You should obviously really do that.

Here is the rest of our playlist from Sunday night: 

MYXA - I Bleed

Tres Leches - No Llores

MYXA - Absolution

I Will Keep Your Ghost - 1964

MYXA - Carrion (live in studio)

Travis Thompson - Malice (ft Ben Zaidi)

MYXA - Memories of Summer Sunburns

Variations - Reconnect

Chong The Nomad - Undervelvet

Lemolo - Mirror

Fauna Shade - Bazzle Shabazz

Navvi - Dopamine

Throw Me The Statue - Hi-Fi Goon

Sylvi - Prefixed Image

Cataldo - White Lighter

Telekinesis - Cut The Quick

The Head And The Heart - Lost In My Mind

The Moondoggies - Changing

Ben Zaidi - Shambles

Idiot Pilot - Sabatour