Here's a way to help independent music venues

Music venue crowd
By 107.7 The End

You know, just about every band starts out playing small clubs, most of which are independently owned and operated.  As you can imagine, most if not all of these venues are struggling right now since they are unable to open amid the current pandemic restrictions.    There is real concern that when we can safely reopen and have shows again, some of these incredible venues in Seattle will no longer be here.

There is a national organization trying to help these independent venues all around the country.  They're the National Independent Venue Association.  They are supporting a bill in congress which would get federal funding to these small venues to help them out during these tough times.  They're not asking for money, they just want you to contact your legislators and let them know that live music venues are important to you.

They've done the legwork.  Vist their website and fill out the form.  It'll go straight to your representitives.  That's it.  And hopefully, with enough voices, the bill will get signed and it will be enough to prevent these vital music venues from shuttering.

You can also vist the Seattle Service Workers GoFundMe page and help our friends there or grab a Crocodile T-Shirt HERE.

Hopefully we'll get through this pandemic quickly and safely, and we can all get back to enjoying and supporting live music once again!