Help Keep the Music Scene Alive!

Walt Guitars
By 107.7 The End

Everyone is going to struggle to some degree during the COVID-19 battle. One group that has already been hit hard are musicians.

My social feed is filled with lots of musicians, bands and friends who are finding all of their shows for the Summer cancelled or postponed. Many of these folks depend on playing these shows to pay rent or buy food. 

There's something we can all do to help support our favorite bands while they can't make money playing live shows... BUY THEIR MUSIC!!

I know, kinda novel in 2020 when most view music as something that's free and readily available online. Most of the bands I know have Bandcamp pages where they sell their recorded music. It's usually pretty cheap too. I'm sure they would greatly appreciate it if you stopped by their Bandcamp page and gave them a few bucks for their most recent EP. It might even free them up to be creative and write/record new tunes!

You can always find new local bands to love every Sunday night at 8 on Locals Only with Steven Graham.  ;)

Help out if you can!