Best of Gregr's Nerd Talk!

Mount a head on your wall but watch out for cube poops.

So much space stuff happened this week and it doesn't even compare to the literal monkey business that Elon is up to.

Best of Nerd Talk - 2/5/21
-Monkey brains and video games. Elon hooked a monkey brain up to a computer so it can play video games with its mind NBD.
-Oh good, spinach that can send emails.
-An animal in Australia that produces cube poops.
-In the future, maybe we'll build our homes out of mushroom bricks?
-The first civilian SpaceX Dragon capsule flight has a seat for you.
-More about LEGO getting into the sound business with LEGO White Noise.

I'd eat those icu cubes! Oh wait, they're literally made from space horse drool...