Grab your garden some zoo poops this spring

You have to enter for this honor of buying zoo-doo.
Giraffes at Woodland Park Zoo
Giraffes clopping around Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle. Photo credit by Gregr

Woodland Park Zoo will let you buy the best manure in the business - zoo-doo! Only one more month of winter (and four more months after that) and already its time to start playing Farmville in real life in your backyard or that tiny patio in your way-too-expensive apartment. Increase your yield with the finest zoo poops on offer!

So many questions about Spring Fecal Fest...
#1: You have to buy this?! It's poop. Yeah, it's been going on for at least a decade and it's a cool way for the zoo to make a little money on the side while attendance is way down, I bet.
#2 (ahem): Which animal's poop is the best for your backyard garden? I know it's a mixturd, but I'm going with Zebra droppings. Ooo, or hippo.

Hmm, I guess that's it. Just two questions. Anyway, you have until March 15th to enter Spring Fecal Fest here.