Make your own Mandalorian space macarons at home

Just don't eat so many you barf.
Space macarons
Photo credit gettyimages // breakingthewalls

No longer must you wait for the internet order of space macarons to arrive, now with a little inspiration from director Jon Favreau and culinary earth wizard Babish, you can recreate the tasty blue treats sucked down by Baby Yoda on The Mandalorian.

We see The Child use his force powers to yoink a pack of cookies away from another kid in a classroom, but something I didn't notice is that it's just macaron halves - not the full cookie. Director Jon Favreau joined Binging with Babish for a bit of special inspiration to recreate the space treats and he seems quite pleased. Below you'll see them chat, Babish makes macarons, and he offers a much easier solution for those of us awful at baking!