Meet Leonard from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Leonard from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Today may be Giving Tuesday, a chance to do something philanthropic after months of "early Black Friday sales," but any day is a good day to give a visit or some love to the music lovers at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. (COVID means you might have to arrange something first).

After saying goodbye to our sweet dog, Chowder, last year, my boy has been asking us to "make me a new woof, ok?" So, we've been diligently keeping our eyes on all the right spots knowing that we very much want to help a homeless dog find a good couch to nap on.

Meet Leonard:

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, Leonard

Leonard is very sleepy.

He loves him some low energy love though.

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, Leonard

Motley Zoo does awesome stuff like bringing animals to noise-friendly areas at rock concerts, dog training classes, and randomly letting us sit in on this holiday photo shoot.

Leonard and Gregr

Sadly, our human boy has a bit of a dog allergy that around Leonard was particularly bad. Even his father, yours truly, had serious allergy issues and that is super rare. Leonard had to go back to his foster family - who are awesome - and wait to find another home.

I mention this because the gang at Motley Zoo understand that even people who love dogs and cats and animals in general are going to have to guarantee a good fit. From the get go, they made it clear that if anything came up or the allergies were too bad that he would be welcome back to find the right home. This isn't some transactional organization, this is a caring group of animals lovers making families more complete.

Despite it being challenging right now to find a dog to adopt - what a great problem - Motley Zoo still faces big financial hurdles. I can only imagine the difficulty trying to keep the lights on in their amazing facility when a big part of their income is dog day care while in Redmond so many people just aren't going in to work.

If this holiday season has left you with a bit of extra to spend, I'd love to see it go to the team at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. They've been friends with us for forever bringing pups and kittens to our big events for you to meet and for artists to fall in love with behind the scenes. Portugal! The Man, Elle King and more have adopted pets they met with Motley Zoo and it's been tons of fun.