So when will you able to get the COVID vaccine in WA?

For most of us, it's not soon.
Vaccine and needle
Photo credit gettyimages // ffrikretow

Never thought I'd be so excited for the day I'd be getting a shot, but I wanna see my family and hug my friends and watch the businesses I love thrive again as soon as possible. But when will you be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

The Washington Department of Health has a timeline in mind and let me just make it easy. You'll be eligible to get the shot if 1. You are a healthcare worker. 2. You are over 70. 3. You are 16+ with two significant health problems.

Other than that, you're not getting poked by this needle until May.

There's the DOH timeline. Looking at those criteria, I can't imagine realistically getting vaccinated if you're not a senior, health care worker, and sick person before summer and that means at least months more of cooperative, inconvenienced life.

You might get a little more info from the WA DOH site.