Best of Nerd Talk - 2/12/21

Yeah, this guy made a guitar out of a skeleton!

Holy hell that guy didn't know what to do with his uncles bones so he made a freakin' skeleton guitar!

I'm not really sure how to follow that, but there were a lot of cool stories this week. Sure some involved putting your... ahem.... wieners in jail (sorry if you're without wiener and can't relate). Others, found ways to help keep people alive with a dope new tattoo ink. Dig in!

Best of Nerd Talk 2/12/21
A tattoo ink that changes colors as it reacts to your glucose levels.
Gina Carrano got fired from Star Wars.
We’re going to the south pole of the moon! Space Santa kinda sucks…
Three spacecraft will arrive at mars over 10 days but ours has a helicopter.
An 8yo boy has called out NPR for their lack of dinosaur stories - someone tell this kid about Nerd Talk!
Mail chastity belt gets an update, safe to use again.
Future wearables could you use your body for power.