The best of Nerd Talk this week.

My favorite headlines from the week of 11/30/20
Nerd Talk

The biggest change to the movie industry is quite the gamble - one that introverts will probably love.

Warner Bros. will simultaneously debut their 2021 lineup of films both in theaters and streaming online.
Bob Ross's art and Magic the Gathering are joining forces.
One of the coolest space telescopes on Earth collapsed.
They coincidentally had a drone inspecting previous damage when it collapsed:

Congrats to the octopus, you’re the world’s most flexible animal.
Wow, every major bank has pulled out financing for fossil fuel digging. Best to wait until it just melts ;)
Singapore just became the first to approve lab-grown meat.
Amazon is hosting stream only NFL games after Christmas.
And I'm so stoked to see NASA finally start assembling SLS boosters.

I felt pretty uncertain about contact tracing and what that could mean, but after watching this video, I immediately switched it on on my iPhone. Here's why you should switch it on, too:

I hope my WA friends will jump in so we can get back to going to concerts, soccer matches and assisted living facilities sooner. I wanna see my dad, dammit.

Here's that video I mentioned above: