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The first two weeks of January have been super weird
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Two weeks into 2021 and gotta be honest, it feels just as terrible as 2020. BUT it's nothing a wine robot can't help you with, right? Not everyone drinks/has a toddler, so maybe it's the soft serve ice cream pod that fills your empty void with... calories.

Anyway, here's what got my attention this week.
This is the "corgi of giraffes." Does it shed or bark as much? Also, the whole fascination... it seems kinda rude.
Netflix is trying to debut a a film a week in 2021.

There's this new Star Wars game...

Reruns reign for streamers as new shows weren't as popular.
Someone put some fries on, i'll fire up some soft serve from home ice cream pods.
I wanna buy this Wine Robot for all the moms out there (dad's, too, I guess.)
Women were trolling the insurrectionists in DC via dating app.

Bring out your dead and throw them is this bucket full of wood chips!

Here's to a great (and hopefully short) week!