Effective immediately, CenturyLink Field has been renamed

Home of Sounders FC and the Seahawks in downtown Seattle
CenturyLink Field renamed Lumen Field
Photo credit by Gregr

Starting with tonight's matchup between Seattle and Arizona, the Seahawks will run out of the tunnel not at CenturyLink Field, rather Lumen Field.

CenturyLink rebranded to Lumen Technologies in September and this change comes as a result of that. There's still a bit of bureaucracy for everyone to karate chop through to make the renaming official, but that should happen imminently.

So now the question shifts to - what are we gonna nickname it?! CenturyLink was not fond of the jail moniker tag "The CLink," but like any good nickname, you don't get to choose it yourself and it's almost impossible to get rid once it sticks!