Man spits on female hikers for not wearing face masks, says he tested positive for COVID


Police are looking for a man who spat on two female hikers because they weren’t wearing face masks.

Massachusetts police said the man angrily approached the women to call them out for not wearing facial coverings.

He then spat on them several times while informing them he had COVID-19.

The incident happened along the Hudson Overlook on the Midstate Trail in Ashburnham on Nov. 15, according to police.

One of the women filmed the encounter. Police gave CNN the full minute-long video, but they are not releasing the video at this time.

According to the outlet, a man and woman initially confronted the hikers.

“You're not wearing a mask?" the man asks in the video.

One of the women informs him that she would not be wearing a mask outside.

“That's not the law, that's not the law," the man responds as the camera shows him walking away.

However, he quickly turns around and says: "Selfish is what it is, completely irresponsible."

"OK, thank you so much for your input," the woman responds.

The man walks away, but then pulls his mask down and begins walking towards the women. His companion tries to grab his arm and pull him back but is unsuccessful.

He proceeds to spit at the women, stating “I have COVID. He adds that he “tested positive.”

“Are you ok” one of the women asks, to which he allegedly replies, “no, you won’t be soon.”

The woman with him can be heard yelling at him to “get back here.”

A reporter for WBZ posted a 10-second clip of the video on Twitter.

Police haven't released the identities of the women. CNN noted that it cannot confirm what happened prior to the beginning of the video.

Police say the man could face an assault charge and a charge of false threat of a biological agent.

Since a revised November 6 order, face masks are required in all public places in Massachusetts, both indoors and outdoors, even if people are able to maintain 6 feet of distance.

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