Dr. Mazz to Zeoli: These Drug Companies Have No Interest in Developing a Harmful Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine
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By Talk Radio 1210 WPHT
Co-President/CEO of Cooper University Healthcare, Dr. Anthony Mazzarellii, joined The Rich Zeoli Show, to discuss the development of the COVID-19 vaccine and the amazing strides it has made in the science community including when/which company’s vaccine will require a single or double dosage.

“On December 10th, all of this is going to be completely transparent. All of Prizer’s data will be available. So we’ll know exactly how much immunity is conferred after the first dose versus the second dose. Moderna’s data all gets dumped on December 17th.”   


Dr. Mazzarelli continued, “This is really about mounting the immune response. It’s not unusual to need more than one dose.  The Shingles vaccine requires multiple dose, hepatitis B requires multiple doses, you need to get a tetanus booster every 10 years. Now not all these vaccines are going to require multiple doses. It looks as though Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be one dose. The AstraZeneca thought maybe 1 now it looks like they’ll need two. It all has to do with what kind of immune response you need.”

Dr. Mazz also clarified the confusion some people had when it came to the vaccine when it comes to the issue of DNA and RNA being a component of the coronavirus vaccine.

“Messenger RNA is actually the end product of DNA, not the other way around. The way to think about is your DNA makes messenger RNA and then your cells take messenger RNA and actually turns it into protein. This is injecting the messenger RNA, the end product of what your DNA does and so [RNA] degrades naturally after 24-48 hours.”

He continued, ‘These companies, multi-billion dollar companies, have no interest in creating a vaccine that would create zombies around the world. They’re just a little smarter than that. The market is a little smarter than that. The zombie apocalypse is, believe me, really bad for business.”  


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