Zeoli: Today's Electoral Challenge in Congress Will Be American History Forever

Win McNamee / Staff
Photo credit Win McNamee / Staff
By Talk Radio 1210 WPHT
Today on The Rich Zeoli Show, the Congress is set to meet today to, potentially, certify the Electoral College election of Joe Biden as the 46th President. However, it will surely come with challenges before that happens, including Senator Ted Cruz. No matter what happens, we’re witnessing American history.

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In today's hour of non-stop talk, America's feud has finally gone public. Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo are both terrible at their jobs and they continue to blame the other for the struggles the state and city of New York faces with the COVID-19 pandemic and distribution of the vaccine. A New Jersey man was also caught casting his dead neighbor's ballot, just trying to be a friendly neighbor and chaos broke out yesterday in the Pennsylvania Senate first session of the 2021 year.